TradeSpace is a simple Universal Messaging application which demonstrates subscribing and publishing to multiple channels. TradeSpace clients have been implemented for several platforms using our language-specific APIs. Each client communicates with the same Universal Messaging Realm Server, and messages published from any client are received by all other clients, irrespective of platform:

Web Client Demos

Try our TradeSpace demo application in your browser, using any of the following clients:

TradeSpace web/javascript (JavaScript)
TradeSpace (Flex Client Framework)
Adobe Flex
TradeSpace (C# .NET / Silverlight)
Microsoft Silverlight

Mobile Clients

Mobile demonstrations for iPhone and Android are available:

TradeSpace (iPhone)
TradeSpace (Android)

Enterprise Clients

Enterprise Client versions of our TradeSpace demo application are available online for C# .NET or Java and Excel.

TradeSpace (Java WebStart)
Java (Web Start)
TradeSpace (C#.NET)
C#.NET (.msi Installer)
TradeSpace (Excel)
Excel (.msi Installer)